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Step by Step Process for Bookkeeping 101

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Sara has been a bookkeeper (with 2 diplomas) for over 20 years and she believes that with all the new software out there, which states that any business owner can process their own bookkeeping, there is a new educational platform that is needed. Yes, business owners can input information, they can check off transactions and they can look at their financials to see if they have made a profit.

What is missing is the knowledge of bookkeeping. There is a reason one can go to post-secondary school and earn a bookkeeping diploma. The reason is that there is so much more to the bookkeeping process than simply entering numbers into a software program. Sara is on a mission to help business owners understand the fundamentals of bookkeeping, the processes of bookkeeping and reading financial statements so that they can make sound decisions for them & their business.

In this information package, you will receive the step by step processes in bookkeeping to get started on your journey. You will learn:

    1. How to handle your receipts & paperwork; gathering, organizing, sorting and how to store your receipts
    2. How to process your bookkeeping on software like Excel and Quickbooks; how to set up your software & tips on how to enter your information
    3. How to understand your financial statements; how your expenses affect your sales and how your statements can help you to make decisions based on your numbers
    4. Learn about Assets & Liabilities; what they are and how they affect your business
    5. How to get your information ready for tax time; why it is important to have certain people on your business team & what to prepare for processing your taxes

...and much more.

Here is a sample from the information package.

If you are processing your own bookkeeping or thinking of doing so, then this is a must-have document for you and your business.