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Printable Empowerment Colouring Pages

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12 count of printable colouring pages with quotes from Sara's talks, rants and everything in between.

The quotes included in this set are:

Live Beyond Satisfied
Use Your Passion to Fuel Your Purpose
Life is A Gift, Be Brave and Unwrap It
Dare to Dream
Embrace Your Awesomeness
It's Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible
It's A Great Day To Conquer BIG Things
Your Opportunities Are Endless
Unleash Your Inner Superhero
Celebrate Yourself Daily
You Deserve To Win
Create A Life Full of Adventure

These quotes have been vital to Sara and her journey and she is excited to share them with you in such an intimate way that makes these your very own mantras for your journey. The sizing is just perfect at 8x10 for you to frame and place them where you need to see them the most, in the place where you need the most inspiration, empowerment and cheerleading for your life.


Life can't always be about business. We need to take time away from working IN our business, working ON our business & building the business. We need to take time for ourselves. We need to give our brain something exciting, fun, mindless yet meaningful at the same time.

Introducing your mindless, yet fun and exciting Printable Empowerment Colouring Pages.

It is said that colouring has so many benefits for your brain. They include:
Stress Relief

Colouring has also been used as an alternative medicine. Colouring helps people to remain calm, learn to focus and it simply just feels so good. It even boosts your self-confidence.  Think about it... it's like you become an amazing artist and you have a piece that you are proud of, even though you stink at drawing a stick figure.


Once you have coloured a sheet or two, or all of them, we want to see them. Simply snap a photo of your creation and post it on social media using #livebeyondsatisfied. Oh, and you will have a chance to win some awesome swag and products!


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