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8 Videos To Help You To Save Time, Money & Stress On Your Bookkeeping Journey

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Join Sara as she discusses 8 important elements of bookkeeping.

In this 8 video series you will learn how:

- To care for your paperwork properly, according to government standards
- To manage and maintain your paperwork so it will hold up in an audit
- You can prevent the auditors from going through your personal paperwork
- You could be potentially losing money, right now.
- A side hustle claims expenses 

You will also gain knowledge on:

    1. - Registering your business with your provincial government
    1. - The difference between a Bookkeeper & an Accountant
    1. - If and or when to start charging GST/HST on your sales

When you purchase the 8 video series for just $7.00, you will receive a link to the video page, along with the password to access these private videos.

You will also have the opportunity to ask Sara some bookkeeping questions of your own.

*Please note that our system is doing an update, so it may take 2-4 hours before you see an email with the video link and password.*